Law School

Law School

Kinda like reading a four drafts of a bad novel with no descriptive words, adjectives, or adverbs. Except, then you have to take the relevant facts and divide them amongst the four drafts so that only with all four in front of you do you get a decent idea of what the storyline is. Oh, and each draft has a different narrator, too.

Our Experiences

Excuse Me

I had gum on my shoe when you bumped me on the shoulder with your backpack and didn’t say sorry. I was standing in line waiting to order a turkey sandwich with mustard on white bread when you pushed me to the side and looked the other way. I was tired and cranky when you didn’t meet my glare. When you kept on walking when I tried to pull your hair. It wasn’t that you got away that pissed me off that day. It was that I couldn’t catch and I wanted to. I wanted to wrap my arms around you and tell you it was ok that you hit me with your pack. That I didn’t mind your aloof manner because it made my day.

Our Experiences

What’s Up?

I’ve been busy-ish. Therefore, no updates in a while.

I went to Lake Winnipesauke (pictures) yesterday and toured the Castle in the Clouds. NH is an amazing place and driving around the lakes here reminds me of home. Except, I guess we don’t have mountains, which are a nice backdrop.

This past Saturday was Mexico’s Independence Day. It’s kind-of-like our Fourth of July, except there were only five of us celebrating and there were no fireworks. We made t-shirts that read, “Mexico 1810 – 2006″ (pictures) and made Mexican food.

The fall TV shows are starting to pile up:

* Sunday is Simpsons and Flava Flav
* Monday is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
* Tuesday is Boston Legal
* Wednesday is nothing. How sad.
* Thursday is The OC (11/2) and Grey’s Anatomy.
* Friday is the weekend.
* Saturday is football. Obviously.

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Deep Thought

I found this today. It appears to be some of my deeper thinking from college.

I envy the brick. On hot days it is cool and on hot days it is cool. It is consistent. It is certainty. I know it will be here. In all of its whiteness I find myself wondering what it that makes me more than a brick is. I mean, I could have just as easily been born as a brick. Maybe I was and I changed. The baby pictures never looked quite right. I just don’t understand.

Our Experiences

The Elusive Breakfast Nook

The nook invites you in in a subtle way, like it’s a drug dealer in a high school hallway. But, I’ve never bought or dealt drugs, so I’m only guessing on that. What I’m saying is that the nook is subtle unless you are in the know. Then it is the place you spend your Saturday mornings having the usual or the special. They will know which you prefer.

Nooks in my life:

  • The Omelette Shop in Traverse City, MI
  • Angelo’s in Ann Arbor, MI
  • The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH
  • The Cottage in La Jolla, CA
  • Whitlow’s on Wilson in Arlington, VA
Law School Our Experiences

Nervous Habits Decline

This morning while I was washing my hair in the shower with the last few drops of the concentrated camp soap I carried into the Grand Canyon, I was thinking real’ hard about how I am less stressed in law school than I was leading up to law school. My little slice of the working life grew stale as the seasons of 2005 faded into 2006. I was quite literally in a waiting game for the better part of a year and a half, and that made me a nervous wreck.

Being somewhat high strung doesn’t help. Tending to bottle up my anxiety amplifies everything. Not being or doing what I wanted (because life is about what I want) drove me into a little dark hole maintained by the sayings, “it pays the bills,” and “are you having fun at work.”

That skin has sloughed off now and left me pink and fresh in the New Hampshire wilderness. I like the macro of school. The idea of learning. The osmosis that is inevitably taking place in my mind and body that, with a dash or a pinch of hard work, will run my mind for the rest of my life.

Already, I’m starting to question everything. Feel nothing for the scared, maimed, and injured plaintiff bringing suit against Big Rich Corp. The reading sucks in most cases (no pun intended), but once in a while I get a good set of facts and a good issue and I almost want to brief the case. I almost want to raise my hand in class and volunteer information.

But, let’s not get carried away with our sentimentality. After all it is school and we’re all here because we want to make money someday.

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My goal in life is to become a writer. An author. A poet, even. It doesn’t matter as long as what I do involves writing and telling stories. Not sure how to get there, or what to do on the way, but I’ll figure it out one way or another. I think I need to read more. I need some stories to tell. I need some characters to fill my head and to take over my conscious until all I can do – all I want to do – is sit in the dark alone, or maybe near other people, and share stories. Other stories. Stories about people I know and don’t know. About people I make up. If I mix them all together what does it matter who’s real and who’s fiction?

I just want to write. That’s it.