Blogging vs. Personal Communication

Many times when I post to tumblr, my action is replacing a direct communication I could be making with one or more people. Often, what I’m posting (a thought, observation, link, picture, etc.) is of interest to my friends and family and could be sent directly.

Is the quality of the personal message diluted by posting the same message to my blog?

I think it is and I try to keep my personal communications unique and private – at least until they become bloggable. At that point, all hope of maintaining “place” is lost and I just want to get the conversation out into my (limited) tumblr world.

The funny thing is that I can’t really explain why. All of this is like self-induced micro-paparazzi. Intentionally placing one’s private life in front of strangers.

Very weird.

Transparency and Blogging

This is my website. If you don’t want to hire me for this transparency, maybe I don’t want to work for you. If you don’t want to date me for this exposure, maybe I don’t want to date you. And if you can’t handle this, there are millions of other sites you should probably be reading. Because anonymous just isn’t for me – I want you to know me and accept me and to support me. If not, find something else to read. (link)

Great post. I’ve never written anonymously. Or posted videos or pictures that way. It doens’t seem worth it to hide my content. Why not share it with the public?

Knox seems to be going a step further in saying that he won’t censor himself. That is a harder and more dangerous goal. People have expectations. An employer will care about it’s employees’ images. A prospective significant other will care how, and if, they are viewed.

He just doesn’t care what they think.

Transparency is a bold goal. It’s ironic – but true – that being a truer version of one’s self (online) can be a life-limiting move.

It’s difficult for me to take a side on this concept of total transparency versus censored disclosure. I practice the later because I hope to have a career and don’t want to be disowned by my girlfriend and family. I’ve made the mistake of sharing the wrong content. It’s annoying and whatever value total transparency held wasn’t worth it.

Good luck with it, though, to anyone who attempts a transparent “blog.”

(I’m not sure there is a transparency gradient. At first I thought of using “opacity,” but what I intend to post isn’t deliberately not transparent. It’s not cloudy. I practice selective transparency, which contradicts the intended goal as well. Hmmm…)