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Woodworking Projects #1 and #2

I have started building simple woodworking projects in our garage. Here are photographs of woodworking projects #1 and #2. Future projects will include yet another golf club stand, a stand-up desk, side or entryway tables using saplings I have cut, and various Christmas presents. Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas!

Racquet Club

Andy walked along the sidewalk downtown. The streetlamps shined a muted yellow light on his path. The overflow of smoke, music and people from the Racquet Pub ahead was an obstacle in his mind. He was out in the darkness for the silence. For the solitude. As Andy approached the Pub the smell of being social filled his lungs. He breathed shallow and looked down and away. A big truck drove by. It sounded like a Harley motorcycle. The music from the Pub was louder now. His steps lengthened, two to a section of sidewalk.

(11:12p – 11:22p)

Seasonal Club Selection

Running with the topic of the last post, club selection, I’m curious whether players often change the clubs in their bag depending on the season. This is probably more of a temperature issue. Hitting a 2-iron in 50* weather is not a fun thing to do, and the sting of a mishit can leave your hands ringing for the rest of the round.

I don’t like 5-woods, but I would consider swapping my 2-iron for a 5-wood. Other than that, I wouldn’t change much.

Limited Club Selection

I just answered a post at TheSandTrap, which prompted:

You can only use five clubs to play your next round. Quick! What do you pick?

My response:

The five clubs I would take are:

1) Putter
2) 56* sand wedge
3) 8 iron
4) 3 iron
5) Driver

Wost case scenario, I’m left with a 120 – 135 yard carry over something and the 8 iron flies too far and the wedge too short. But, I suppose I would do a good bit of positioning during the round to avoid that yardage / situation.

Taking a putter seems to be a given for many people. I’m not convinced I would need it. I do pretty well using the blade of my sand wedge. The driver is somewhat irrelevant, too. I could drive with a three-iron and be sufficiently long to score well. On most courses, with the five clubs above I would probably be using the three-iron off of the tee to position for the eight-iron.