Nadal on Golf

Rafeal Nadal quoted in a Miami Herald article:

Most important is you can spend three, four, four-and-a-half hours with good company, with friends, with family. Spending time with friends, family, that’s great. That makes the round good.

He makes a great point that is opposite the standard complaint that “golf takes too long.” We are only here on this earth for so long, and we might as well enjoy our time, surroundings, and friends while we can. Let’s just hope I’m playing well!

Thanks for the Magazines, Ben

I’d like to thank my friends for signing me up for Opera News and Baby Talk. I am thoroughly enjoying both magazines, and am finding the multiple copies useful as it allows me to keep one in the bathroom and one in the living room making my reading experience nearly seamless. Coincidentally, I was planning on taking up Opera in my spare time and am sure I’ll have a baby some day.