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Harvey Skiing

Harvey tried on ski boots and skis for the first time ever today. Within an hour, he was skiing down the small hill in the front yard and loving it – total smiles – couldn’t get enough. The only reason we stopped was because I got tired of pulling him back up the hill! He went out again in the evening and was coasting down even longer hills. We’re excited to head out to a bunny hill at a local ski area this weekend.

It’s October!

This means a few things:

Red and yellow abound. The fall foliage will be peaking soon. Here’s some info on Vermont’s celebration on October 10. They have a flannel contest. Amazing.

I’ve known my NH friends for over a month and it seems like a lot longer… in a good way. Lots of memories.

Ski season will soon be upon us.

The Detroit Tigers are in the playoffs for the first time since 1987.