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The Holiday Season

I’m finding that time flies when you’re engaged. It seems like just yesterday that I was waiting impatiently for the engagement ring to be finished so that I could pop the question to Lindsey. Now, it has been nearly two months since and we’re heading into our first holiday season together. Together-together.

Not only is fun to share the excitement of the onset of winter, the construction of Christmas charm, and the last-minute shopping, but we’re also blessed to have loving families nearby with whom we both enjoy spending time. Rarely does a week pass that we don’t play cards or have dinner with one or the other. That’s pretty cool, to me, and what I hoped for when we started dating.

A few of the things I’m most looking forward to during the next couple months:

  • Getting to wear my Christmas pants again (Link to photo),
  • Sharing my “I’m Thankful For” napkin tradition with Lindsey over Thanksgiving,
  • Learning about her traditions and
  • Making new traditions of our own for years to come!

Lindsey, we’ve got to find you a matching skirt!