Valley High C. C.

I had the pleasure of playing the Valley High C. C. on this beautiful 71° sunny October Sunday. Ed and Tyler had played before, but Brandon and I we’re seeing the unique 9-hole golf course for the first time. We played once to record individual scores (35 for me) and again for scramble scores (25 for team Brandon & Chris; 24 for team Ed & Tyler … the champs!). Even after one round I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge on where not to go. Great fun! Here are some pictures.

Actual yardage, 123 yards. Below, looking from the first tee to green.

Hole 4 tee shot, 49 yards. A fat half sand wedge works well. Next is a shot from over the green. The penalty for going long is a second shot much longer than the tee shot.

Beautiful view of Lake Michigan. If you look closely, you can see Gull Island and the stone fireplace ruins of the old Ustick house where many cherry pies were baked in the late 1930s. Here’s a link to the full story.

Above, Ed and Brandon putting on the 6th green. I’m wearing my souvenir hat.

Looking across the 8th green, down to the 9th green. Clubhouse behind; range to the right.

The Devils Dive 5k

Lindsey and I ran the Devil’s Dive 5k on Old Mission Peninsula this morning. I finished in 32 minutes; she, just under 38. It was a beautiful, cool, windy morning. The views of West Bay were a treat and almost completely distracted me from the  tough uphill finish.

Saturday Adventures

Fire station open house with G’ma Robbi, G’pa Terry, Aunt Katy, Uncle Taylor, me and the boys.


Corn maze and line dancing with G’ma Peg, G’pa Dan, Kathy & Doug, Farm G’ma, Marge & Lee, mom, dad, and the boys. Harvey loved running through the maze.


Sleeping Bear 5k

We woke and bundled the boys early this morning and shipped off to Empire Beach, Empire, MI. It was cold and windy when we arrived. Lindsey ran the 5k race while I played in the sand with Harvey and used Carson (“The Furnace”) to keep me warm. Before Lindsey returned, we sought the comfort of the Escape and then lined up to greet Lindsey as she beat her goal and crossed the finish line in under 40 minutes! After a warm-up breakfast at the Good Harbor Grill in Glen Arbor, we picked up donuts and apples at Gallagher’s Farm Market on M-72 and headed home. Fun morning!

Fuzzy Kiss

Harvey says, “fuzzy kiss!” whenever Lindsey kisses him lately. It’s because her hair tickles his face. I’m not sure Lindsey is crazy about this, but she likes her Harvey kisses.

A reminder for our memories.

Autumn Eve

Listen! The wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!

~ Humbert Wolfe

The autumnal equinox arrives precisely at 4:21 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Fall being my favorite season, I’m excited for: cinnamon sugar donuts with apple cider, apple picking (maybe), rounds of golf among the colorful leaves, the chill in the morning air, pumpkin carving, . . .

Unfortunately, the sunrise will not move north (back into direct view of our living room window) until after the winter solstice, which is December 22nd, 2015.

Hannah Bear Succeeds in New Orleans!

The Hannah Bear coloring book that Lindsey created last spring to help children who experience a death in their family won the “Best Practice” competition at the Selected Independent Funeral Homes National Convention! Congrats, Lindsey! Harvey, Carson and I are proud of you.

You can learn more about the book at The Hannah Bear, which also has contact information for Lindsey. Also, the bear you see below is Peg lent her authorship experience to Lindsey.


2015 Union Championship

Nine guys. Many laughs. One hole-in-one.

I left early this morning to play the 2015 Union Championship. A few guys played a round Friday afternoon, but I was joining for the 36 holes at the Kingsley Club today. There was 18 holes at Arcadia Bluffs planned for Sunday, but that was cancelled for lack of attendance. The benefit of having the event close to home is that many of us don’t have to drive too far. The downside is the lack of a “captive audience.” Still, it was great to have a full day of golf on a tremendous course. We got a mix of weather – rain earlier in the day, wind throughout, and our fair share of sun.

This year’s participants were:

Joel Bush
Andrew Calcutt
Mike Dean
Sean Hutchinson
Chris Kellogg
Justin Mack
Eric Olson
Chris Rogers
Jonathan Wicksall

If’s fun catching up with these guys – some high school friends and others solely through this golf group. I hope that the group stays together for many years, and we continue to make the effort and take the time to plan these events at premier courses.

To review some of the play: Mike Dean made his first hole in one on the 9th hole in the morning. Following my lip-out PW, he hit a PW just left of the pin and spun it in. Congrats! My play was up and down all day. 78-76. I made my share of birdies, but also made too many doubles. Hutch had the round of the day in the afternoon when he posted a solid 69 (two under). I was glad to have him as my partner!

Morning “two best-ball of three” went to the team of Kellogg, Hutchinson, and Wicksall (I believe).

Afternoon “one best-ball of two” went to the team of Rogers and Hutchinson, although the team of Kellogg and Dean was close until the 17th hole.

Thanks to the Kingsley Club and Justin Mack for hosting our group, serving delicious breakfast sandwiches, and providing a stern and enjoyable test for the 2015 Union Championship.

Here’s a video from the day.

Beautiful Morning

In a moment’s time, the burning tangerine sun rises above the horizon, sits below the pink clouds shuffling south, then disappears. Playing peek-a-boo; its rays streaming through the silhouetted oak tree with vibrating leaves. Through our window decorated with Harvey’s fingerprints. Through the scratched lenses of my glasses. And on to me. Painting me in the warmth of morning. Compelling me to smile and be grateful for the view. And for the people I share it with.

Blog Update

Thanks to some professional help, we’ve moved the blog to my old domain, We no longer live at The Double Dogleg, so the move was appropriate. Below is the old sidebar text that I removed, which I’m saving just because.

the dou·ble dog·leg
: the Rogers’ family home
: our memories
: place where we laugh
: where our sun rises

adjective \’də-bəl\
: made of two parts that are similar

adjective \’dog- leg\
: crooked or bent like a dog’s hind leg

Our “driveway” is the implied noun that is described by “double” and dogleg,” as it does have two doglegs that must be navigated upon leaving and returning.

Husband & Wife Club Champs – Five-peat

Lindsey and I won the TCGCC Husband and Wife Club Championship for the fifth year in a row. We’re on a roll! I think we shot four under, total. Six holes are best-ball; six are alternate shot; and six are scramble. Always a fun event. Especially, with such a beautiful, straight-hitting partner!

Closed on The Double Dogleg and the New Home!

We closed on the sale of The Double Dogleg today, and also on the purchase of the yet-to-be-named new house (actually not so new, but new to us). We had been watching the new house since early or mid-spring, but didn’t fully realize the vision. We agreed that if the new house was still on the market when we returned from Walt Disney World in mid-April, we would list The Double Dogleg and put an offer in on the new house. Our offer was competitive, and we were lucky to find a buyer for our house in relatively short order. Once the respective purchase agreements were signed, we set our eyes on a late-June closing date. This was eventually delayed by about a month, and we finally closed on both houses at 10am on July 15, 2015.

Throughout the sale process and the packing (mostly by Lindsey), Lindsey was pregnant and Carson was born on June 8, 2015. So, while we’ve been living out of various boxes strewn throughout The Double Dogleg, we’ve had a crib in the living room and spent most nights taking turns sleeping on the couch. I’ll remember that there is stuff everywhere. Diapers in the dining room. Kitchen stuff in the Yogi room. A basement full of my stuff (just. can’t. let. go.).

I will also remember, and miss, The Double Dogleg’s solitude, wooded views, epic snow blowing opportunities, back porch bon fires, goldfish in the pond, raking (and raking more), the many improvements and clearing we did, the various tenants, sledding and skiing in the woods, Harvey growing up his first two years there, Lindsey’s car slip on Christmas Eve 2011, killing dad’s snow blower, relentlessly clearing saplings, maple syruping, Mt. Yogi and our other signs, shoveling everything everywhere, the sliver of beach and the stuff growing on it, jumping off the raft, hiking in the woods, looking up at the canopy, and many other memories and adventures that have been previously documented here. The Double Dogleg was our first house together and the house to which we brought both Harvey and Carson home. And those memories, along with the many others, will stay close to our hearts.

And now it’s time to being the new adventure of making the new house our home sweet home.

What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make and end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from.

~ T. S. Eliot