Visiting Ann Arbor

Visiting Ann Arbor always takes me back to my college days. The campus was relatively the same — whether it is or I just remember it that way is probably irrelevant. There are some building improvements. Notably, the business school now looks like a massive red spaceship, a sharp looking addition to the museum on State Street, and some construction behind Hill Auditorium. But, overall, central campus has retained the same layout that I walked and rode during my undergrad years.

The notable sites I make a point to see when I visit are:

  • The men’s bathroom in Angel Hall near the Fishbowl computer lab.
  • The Starbucks on the corner of State and Liberty.
  • The Borders on Liberty.
  • The Big House.
  • Stucchi’s (Ice cream).

In line with the nostalgia of visiting Ann Arbor, I found the slideshow, “Time Machine: Traveling into the past in Mason Hall,” by James Tobin. Go Blue!

Update on the Harmonica Player

I wrote an open letter about the harmonica player that sat on the cement wall outside of the UGLi throughout my four years at the University of Michigan. A recent facebook group brought to my attention that he is actually a professor at the U of M, and is not, as I had assumed, homeless. His name is Tom Goss and he’s been playing for nearly 20 years. Chances are that if you took a stroll through the Diag in Ann Arbor you would hear him today. Here’s a Michigan Daily article on him.

The Elusive Breakfast Nook

The nook invites you in in a subtle way, like it’s a drug dealer in a high school hallway. But, I’ve never bought or dealt drugs, so I’m only guessing on that. What I’m saying is that the nook is subtle unless you are in the know. Then it is the place you spend your Saturday mornings having the usual or the special. They will know which you prefer.

Nooks in my life:

  • The Omelette Shop in Traverse City, MI
  • Angelo’s in Ann Arbor, MI
  • The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH
  • The Cottage in La Jolla, CA
  • Whitlow’s on Wilson in Arlington, VA