Visiting Ann Arbor

Visiting Ann Arbor always takes me back to my college days. The campus was relatively the same — whether it is or I just remember it that way is probably irrelevant. There are some building improvements. Notably, the business school now looks like a massive red spaceship, a sharp looking addition to the museum on State Street, and some construction behind Hill Auditorium. But, overall, central campus has retained the same layout that I walked and rode during my undergrad years.

The notable sites I make a point to see when I visit are:

  • The men’s bathroom in Angel Hall near the Fishbowl computer lab.
  • The Starbucks on the corner of State and Liberty.
  • The Borders on Liberty.
  • The Big House.
  • Stucchi’s (Ice cream).

In line with the nostalgia of visiting Ann Arbor, I found the slideshow, “Time Machine: Traveling into the past in Mason Hall,” by James Tobin. Go Blue!

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