Cell Phones vs. Online Media

Cell phones and online media are two markets just waiting to be exploited. No one seems to be doing either exactly right at the moment, but I’m sure that within the next five years we’ll notice significant shifts in both technologies.

Cell phones, at least that’s what we call them today, will continue merge with mp3 players, PDAs, and ultimately laptops to become mighty fine do-it-all machines of wonder. Coverage will expand as WiFi and phone networks blend together to provide a continuous web of access. Much of the advancement hinges on the speed of the networks and the innovation of available products. We’re going to have to do better than simply miniaturizing websites for cell phones.

Online media in a more traditional harnessed sense. YouTube does a good job of organizing millions of videos, but there is no attempt to do much with even their best content beyond letting users watch it. I would like to see programming developed around the top contributors, whether that means bringing them in house to produce shows or paying them for what they do. It’s like there is an open audition being held on the internet and lots of people are patting each other on the back, but no one wants to take it a step further. Come on YouTube, MySpace, whoever else – you could be the next NBC, CBS, ABC – except in a way that isn’t lame.