Daily Response: Feb 12, 2009

The Daily Response isn’t exactly daily, is it? Well, I do my best. Here’s my response to today.

1. The fourth book of the Twilight series – New Moon – is like a powerful vacuum. I’ve been sucked into this horrible teen drama.

2. I read yesterday that Chicago is one of the 10 worst cities in which to live and that winning the bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics would improve the city. Since I’m moving there this summer, I’m going to start supporting the bid.

3. New favorite twitterer to follow: @NickCarraway

4. If you didn’t see Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night, find it on YouTube and watch it. He’s gone off the deep end or he’s fronting a major ruse to regain some Hollywood advantage. Maybe he lost a bet. Who knows. Here’s an article about it, too.

5. I want to try this beer: Hitachino.

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