Veterans Day

Thank you to all of the veterans who fought for the freedom of the United States of America. I cannot imagine the bravery, selflessness or call to duty to which you committed yourself, and it is something that will forever move me.

It is impossible to argue that I do not take for granted the freedom for which you have risked your life, for no amount of thanks or recognition that I or anyone else gives you could revive what you, your families and friends could have lost – your vigor – your pep – your esprit – your life — your love.

My late grandfather, Clifton Francis Rogers, served for two years on the USS Rowan, landing in Nagasaki. Whether I was too young or it didn’t seem right, I never thanked him for serving, but his service was and continues to be one of the many things I admire about him.

My uncle John Goebel served. Thank you, Uncle John, for your service.

My uncle Guy Goebel served. Thank you, Uncle Guy, for your service.

My uncle Jon Palomaki served. Thank you, Uncle Jon, for your service.

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