Fun Filled Weekend

Lindsey and I had a slow start on Saturday, lazing about until about noon. But we picked up momentum from there by getting lunch at the Grand Traverse Pie Community and then buying three lamps for our formal living room.

Saturday afternoon, Michigan snuck by Michigan State for the first time in four years. We had fun watching the first half of the game at Seven Monks Tap Room with Katy and mom and the second half at the TC State Theater.

I was up early on Sunday, and used the time to work on a golf club rack I’m building to store my unused golf clubs in our basement. (See “Mini Stack Rack” at this link for reference.) Since we organized the garage a few weeks ago, I have enjoyed building a few woodworking projects. There is something about the practical approach and having a tangible result that is rewarding and very different from many of my day-to-day tasks.

We went to church at Central United Methodist, played nine holes at the Club, got some groceries, and walked Yogi Bear in the woods behind our house. Lindsey showed me the branches she trimmed along the wander paths, and it’s much easier to walk now without getting poked in the eye!

Mom cooked up a delicious dinner of stuffed pork chops, twice baked potatoes, and green beans. We caught up with dad, who returned from a visit to Grandma and others in the U.P. He brought a chair back that, once the cushions are reupholstered, will work well by our fireplace in the informal living room.

Now, Alex is over chatting away with Lindsey, while I watch the Giants try to stay alive for a game seven.

Have a good week!

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