Bushwacking June 2013

I spent several hours earlier this summer clearing saplings and other overgrowth from the southeastern portion of our lot, which is located closed to East Shore Road. The area is low-lying and has been taken over by poison ivy. I can only imagine that it was once a nice looking portion of the property, but had become a dense unused space.

I started with a handheld saw and pruning shears. A bug-bite that sent me to the doctor, three bouts with poison ivy, and an achy back later, I’ve made some headway. It is much thinner from the side as you drive into and out of the Double Dogleg. However, I still need to improve the view from the living room down to the lake. That will take some additional work – and perhaps a crew to eliminate some of the larger, dead trees.

The next step is to either remove or chip the felled trees.

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