Things I love (hate)

Here’s a short list of things I that have gotten on my nerve lately: Cell phone headsets. People who sign off right after I send them an IM. Bill O’Reilly when he calls blackberries blueberries and thinks he’s being funny or entertaining. Haters.

Traverse City Film Festival 2006

Day 1 The Traverse City Film Festival started today when Michael Moore and Michigan’s Governor Granholm presented Jeff Daniels with the Michigan Filmmaker award. This is the second year of the film festival and it is already considered the second largest in the US behind Sundance in Park City, Utah. I posted a video of […]

Cell Phones vs. Online Media

Cell phones and online media are two markets just waiting to be exploited. No one seems to be doing either exactly right at the moment, but I’m sure that within the next five years we’ll notice significant shifts in both technologies. Cell phones, at least that’s what we call them today, will continue merge with […]

Writing Notes

Tell me a story about perspective… Lost Boy He had set out on his own for a year, as a self imposed right of passage. He’s sitting at a cafe with a stranger girl talking about his take on the world. He’s feeling relatively lost and uninspired. She’s smiling at him telling him he’s lucky […]

Law School Buzz

The buzz has started and I’m getting excited about starting law school. Meeting new people and settling into an unfamiliar location always provide unique moments. I’m also a bit apprehensive about picking up textbooks (casebooks?) and writing essays (briefs?) again after two years of “mental relaxation.” It’s easy for a curious mind to enjoy learning […]