Hogwarts Violates Equal Protection?

I’ve been reading Harry Potter lately. I’m not going to bother explaining it because if you haven’t heard of it you clearly don’t care. Harry attends a school called Hogwarts, which is exclusively for wizards. To jump subjects for a bit, we are studying the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment in Constitutional Law. […]

Untitled Poem

I have lost a lot of love. I have let it slip away. I have thrown it down. In anger; In fear; In disgust. I have spilled love like a kicked-over soft drink on a linoleum floor. In that case, I watched it spread Until all that was left Was a thin brown sticky film […]

Morning Walk

I walk the street each morning to get coffee. Rush hour. People look busy – frantic and frozen. Most travel efficiently, cutting corners and jumping signals when they can. Heads down. Hands tucked. Earphones firmly sunk.They are shutoff to the world around them as if today was nothing more than the indistinguishable middle of an […]

San Diego

Weather. Air. Warmth. LaJolla. Walking around. Coffee. Fondue. The Cottage. The seals. The funky grass. Taking pictures. Walking on the beach. Searching for Rainbow sandals. The flights. The fatigue. Apartment. Golden Spoon. Honda. …Happy and Relaxed.