Harvey Lately

I think it’s funny that not only do all of Harvey’s toys have two noise settings, but that those settings are really loud and really really loud.

He loves the TV clicker, so we got an old one of the basement and gave it to him. He crawls around with it now.

Cruising is no problem for him, but he’s not quite walking yet.

We’re a bit concerned that we’ve overused the one-piece fleece onesie, which is way easier to change diapers in than the traditional pants-type outfit.

Harvey went to the nursery for the first time last Sunday, and did pretty well. I think the other kid set him off and we got buzzed to come pick him up.

It’s exciting to see him grow up so quickly, and there’s so much each day week and month that it’s impossible to keep track of everything. But I’m going to try!