Big Rock

This evening, we swam out to “big rock” as a family. Carson stepped on it for the first time, and the boys swam off of it, goggles on, spotting crayfish and minnows. It was pure joy for them, and fun for Lindsey and me to watch.

Big rock is, as it sounds, a large rock, approximately six feet by four feet, fifty yards out from shore. At the current water level, the water depth near big rock, when not standing on it, is approximately four feet, and when standing on it, the debt is approximately two feet.

I will bring goggles, a measuring tape, and camera for the next swim, so I can spot the fish, too! Pictures and exact measurements to follow. :o)

Clearwater Beach 2022

Love these two. It was fun to get away for a few days to play in the sand and see some sights – the aquarium, zoo, and some good meals. They were good travelers, too – helpful with their own bags, reaching to push the elevator button or open the hotel door – interested and talkative – polite.

More adventures to come!