Happy Easter 2014

Today started early with a walk down to the beach with Harvey, a cup of coffee, and my camera. I wanted to see the sunrise across the patches of ice and water. As I discovered upon arriving (a few hundred yards from our front door), I was an hour late. It was still a nice walk to begin the day, and the air was surprisingly warm.

Church was fun. I watched Harvey make friends in the lobby, which he prefers to staying quite in the sanctuary. I’m told the sermon was nice. :o) And the brass horns are always magnificent. I could hear those.


We had a tasty brunch at the Park Place Hotel with Grandma R, Grandpa R, Aunt Katy, and Great Grandma R. Harvey especially liked the fried potato smiley faces. Afterwards, we drove out to the Farm to eat a little more, but mostly hangout and enjoy the company of Grandma and Grandpa J, Great Grandma L, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Doug, John Boy, Andrea, Tim, Randy, George, Ginger, Kiera, Dwayne, Mary, Mary R, aaaaaand eventually Christy and Brian.

All in all, it was a fun and enjoyable Easter Day. Harvey received many treats, books, and baskets of goodies. We’ll have fun playing with them for the next couple weeks. Thanks to all, and have a good week!