Monthly Archives: October 2006


He slouched on the wooden bench outside of the 24 hour laundromat two blocks from his house. A yellow light hanging by half of its cord dripped shadows on the highlights of the night that lagged reality. The undefined darkness was an insidious vacuum that siphoned the terrors from his forgotten dreams and brought them […]

Update 2009: It cut off.

Two People at a Singles Dance

There’s a red schoolhouse along Route 9 between Concord and Portsmouth. During the day four dark windows overlook an empty gravel parking lot with a yellow sign that reads, “Singles Dance Friday Night 8pm.” The dance has taken place for at least a hundred years, the townies say. Generations have depended on this place to […]

Update 2009: It cut off.

A More Visual World

Is today’s world more visual than yesterday’s? Does TV, DVD, the internet, etc. make our current lives more visual than those of the past? What does visual mean? Don’t we see as much as ever? Eyes open 16 hours a day? Does it matter what we see? Is it about what we see, or how we perceive? Does this mean […]

Clear Away the Fog

Empathetic to the daily grind. Wait, there is no daily grind here. It’s school. Some people pretend there’s something difficult about being required to read and write, but they have it wrong. Reading and writing are two long-protected pillars of knowledge. Skills for the fortunate, and now we’re taking our turn in the never ending […]

Hope’s Worn Edge

There’s hope yet for that worn edge of life that trips us up from time to time. We slip down an extra stair and wonder if that’s really where we’re supposed to stay. Then someone comes along and lends a hand. Shows some compassion. Tells us what we’ve been wanting to hear. There’s a story […]

Update 2009: It cuts off.

Jury Selection

I learned about a new reality show today in Civil Procedure called “jury selection.” It’s kind of like that old show, Survivor, where they vote people off the island except the elimination of contestants (potential jurors) is based on stereotypes and perceived biases that pertain mostly to race, religion, wealth, and employment. God bless zealous […]

Update 2009: It cuts off.