Remembering Summer

Gaze about from where you stand. Spin in circles ’til you’re dizzy as a child exiting the best merry-go-round ride she’s ever had. Look up at the humongous sky above and wonder aloud what’s beyond the antique clouds and shimmering stars. Watch the yellow leaves fall and remember it was a hot and dry and brilliant summer that left us with more than a handful of memories. And then, in good time, when the wind blows hard down the paths that we happen upon and the warmth has dissipated, take another moment to wrap the textures of life all around you like a hundred blankets quilted from everything that’s so much bigger than any single one of us could ever imagine. Remember summer. Enjoy fall. And look forward to all that is to come.

Prime the Pump

Lindsey and I attended the early service at The Well at Central United Methodist church this morning. The music by Jeff Cobb and his band was excellent and the message by Chris Lane was clear and left both of us with something to think about for the week to come.

What I took away from today was the reminder to keep the big picture in mind and to pay our good fortune forward to make the world better for the rest. As you’ll get from the song below, it’s better to prime the pump for the next man than to drink dry the well yourself.

Here’s the song Pastor Lane referenced in his message.

Chris’ Great Ideas – #651

I said, “How about we do an African theme for the reception? I saw an African artifact the other day.”

This was actually really well received… by some people in the room. Elephants and some other animal I can’t remember right now were suggested. I was informed most women in Africa are topless. Maybe not in the cities … I don’t know as I’ve never been. But that certainly would make for a good wedding.

I guess we’ll stick with the “TC Theme”! Go Blue!!

Social Uncertainty

I am not good at remembering names, and I’m only slightly better at remembering faces. Even in a world where I’ve got social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to help refresh my memory, I often find myself feeling somewhat awkward in group social situations because, while I may have met some of the participants before (multiple times), many of their names escape me. The result of this is a shyness in approaching a familiar face whose name I forget. Or, although more seldom, the resulting embarrassment of introducing myself to someone who knows my name (and whose name I “should” know).

There are any number of tricks to help remember names such as selecting a distinctive feature of the acquaintance and associating his/her name with it in some way. Or using his/her name frequently in conversation in hopes that it will improve your memory in the future. However, tricks only carry you so far.

The downside to being uncertain of names and faces is the resulting shyness in social situations. However, the solution is not necessarily a better memory, but, instead, increasing my risk tolerance. It’s freeing to realize that it’s impossible to go through life being certain of everything. Getting a name wrong is far better than not talking at all, hanging out by the wall, and feeling awkward.

So. Forget a name. Forget an occupation. But do it by acting.

Funny Slim Fast Ads

I found these online the other day. I will say there was one about a guy needing to lose weight… but only one. Shame on you, America! Personally, my main motivation to workout is for health and stress relief … and I keep meaning to get back to the gym now that the busy days of summer are long gone. The upcoming wedding does provided some additional motivation to hit the gym to ensure I look as sharp and dashing as possible in my Tux!

Pumpkin Carving

Jen and Brent had Lindsey, me and Karla over to carve pumpkins in their garage tonight. Upon arrival, the tables were set with paper – the pumpkin bread was sliced, yet still warm – and Stella the pup was fully charged and ready to devour every last pumpkin seed that slipped through our hands and onto the cement floor.

L to R: Brent, Chris (Me), Karla, Jen, Lindsey … and Stella below. | More pictures here.

I really like Lindsey’s pumpkin, which displays a “C & L” crest… pretty cool with the golf clubs and ball and tee. I thought about doing something equally meaningful, but opted for the demented weirdo pumpkin scheme instead.