Mania This and Mania That

Golf Digest’s Jaime Diaz has in interesting proposition: that pre-1997 Tigermania paved the way for the Barack Obamamania we’re experiencing leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election. He writes: Obamamania really isn’t all that different from Tigermania pre-1997 Masters. Woods was still mostly promise, although there was a certainty and presence and sense of destiny… Continue reading Mania This and Mania That

When Reality Bites

David Brooks writes in an article titled, When Reality Bites, that the Democrats are basically screwed on two major issues. 1. Their proposal for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. 2. Their conflicting proposals of fiscal discipline and new programs. Removing the troops from Iraq would be a huge mistake. Thomas Barnett’s idea of a large peacekeeping… Continue reading When Reality Bites

Tonight at 1am

I walked the streets alone with my camera and tripod. The freshly fallen snow – at least ten inches – was piled high on anything wider than a finger. The landscape was, like the moment, pure and simple. There were no sounds and the only smell was that of burnign logs in a fireplace.

I Picked the Winner

I was scared watching the first round of the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship. Tiger Woods looked like he was going to confuse his number one world ranking with the timing of his exit – an upsetting first-round loss to the lowest ranked player in the tournament. But, when you’re a maker of golf history,… Continue reading I Picked the Winner