Summer 2012

Summer is in full swing. It’s July 4th already, and the weather has been cooperating. I’m writing this post from our deck at 7:20 p.m. and it’s about 84 degrees. One of the expected benefits of the new house has been the beach access. Last year we only swam in the bay once or twice the entire summer. We’ve been in the water every day this week. Our beach is rocky for about 150 yards, so rock-socks are recommended. But then, just before the floating raft, the lake floor turns to sand.

We’ve bought a dog cable that can be screwed into the sand, so that Yogi can lounge in the shallow water while we swim out and jump from the raft. He enjoys the chance to cool off and doesn’t miss us too much!

One of my favorite things to do, once I’ve acclimated to the water temperature, is to swim low along the bottom of the deeper water – at the bottom of seven feet or so. The water is much cooler down there, and even more refreshing on these hot summer days.

Earlier today, we drove up to Leland to shop around. Mom and dad met us for lunch and to watch the parade pass. There were amphibious cars in the parade, and Lindsey commented that she’d love to see them go in the water. Well, as luck would have it, as we were walking back to the car past the Bluebird restaurant, four of the amphibious cars were driving into the river and motor-boat-caring around. It was very cool!

Happy 4th of July to all of our friends and family, and we hope that you’re having as wonderful of a summer as we are!