Bushwacking – An Update


I posted earlier about my bushwacking efforts in clearing out the area of The Double Dogleg located to the south of the beginning of the driveway. Here’s a link to the earlier post for comparison. I have since, with the help of Lindsey, finished cutting the small and medium sized trees in that area. Then, we had Leonardo’s tree service remove my massive brush pile along with four full grown ash trees, a poplar that was broken and hanging over our neighbor’s property, and a dead maple. A picture of the current state of that area is below. I’m hoping to clear out some of the little stumps left behind, and keep the brush from taking over again in the future. Not sure yet what we’re going to do with this area, but it opens up the visuals for driving up and down the driveway and improves our view of the lake.

Some Harvey Observations

In reverse chronological order, but without date references, here are some observations of Harvey over the past few months:

  • Harvey can have a dozen of his toys, books, and bottles surrounding him, and he will still identify the TV clicker, my iPhone, my coffee cup, or any piece of paper in the room and do all that he can to crawl over to the non-toy item.
  • He’s very happy, recognizes smiles and laughter and smiles in return
  • He has an intense focus on the things he’s playing with. Although it was short, his attention span seems to be increasing so that he plays with toys for longer periods of time. Or, he will have out the window at the treetops for several minutes.
  • Expressive eyebrows, likes the strings on my hoodie sweatshirt, and likes the tags on his toys.

Harvey’s First U of M Football Game

Lindsey, Harvey and I, along with our parents and Katy and Taylor trekked down to Ann Arbor for the UM v. Nebraska game last weekend. We stayed at a little lake house south of Pinkney, and drove to the game from there on Saturday morning. The weather was cool and clear all day, which was perfect for having Harvey along. We pre-gamed by shopping around campus and grabbing a burger at Red Hawk. Then it was off to the Big House.

On Sunday, we made a pitstop at Zingerman’s for sandwiches and bread before heading home to the Double Dogleg. Although Harvey caught a little cold, it was a fun trip and I’m glad everyone could make it – and make it happen!

UM Football Game 2013

UM Football Game 2013 2