Year In Rear-View Mirror

Images of my smile and yours
Not smaller than they appear
It must be broken ’cause
Everything we need is close
What I feel when I hug
Is what I see in my head
The prisms in my eyes
Multiply the memories
That I circle when I sleep
A kiss on New Years Eve
Then proposal in the woods
Every moment memory
Where we want to be

My Year in Cities 2010

In 2010, I slept at least one night in each of the following cities. The asterisks denote multiple-visit cities.

After drafting the following list of cities, I now realize how close-reaching my 2010 travel has been. This indicates a big shift in my life from looking far away for what I want, to being happy with that with which I’ve chosen to surround myself. I have nature. I have family. I have love. I have work and play. I have entertainment and downtime. And all of these things are in my backyard (so to speak). They are closer than they’ve ever been in my life, and I intend to cherish that by spreading my roots far and wide and making a mark on the local community. Of course I hope to travel far and wide for many years to come, but now, more than ever, I’ll do it knowing where my true home is.

  • Traverse City, MI* (Hometown)
  • East Lansing, MI (MI bar exam)
  • Ishpeming, MI* (Grandma’s house)
  • Wilderness State Park, MI (Camping)
  • Charlevoix, MI (Wedding)
  • Holland, MI (Wedding)
  • Ann Arbor, MI (UM v. BGSU)
  • Chicago, IL (Wedding dress hunt)
  • Grand Rapids, MI (Law seminar)
  • Olympia, Washington (Wedding)

Our First Christmas Tree!

In search of a tree,
We drove to “The 40”;
Linds’ in high fashion
And me not so sporty.

Like slobber to walls,
Linds’ shot to the tree.
Eighty-seven pictures later,
The saw was set free.

To honor its branches,
A prayer we did say.
Then “Amen” was uttered;
The tree would soon lay.

When my turn was had
The tree last stood;
In a matter of seconds
Did soft snow hit wood.

Above my round head,
I hoisted our tree
And without any thought
I tossed it to Lindsey.

“Here ya go Honey,
You can lug it from here.
I’ll take some pictures
And look out for deer.”

What a woman she is!
That face full of might.
The prickly tree heaved
Right out of sight!

The snow came down softly;
And Yogi had fun.
It beat the heck out of
Some plain old run!

It’s not every couple
That gets perfect weather
When they go hunting
For their first tree together.

But what mattered the most,
(And I’m proud to tell),
Is all I kept thinking was
She’s pretty darn swell!

*****The End*****