Silver Linings Weekend

That’s Yogi, above, looking over the snow-covered beach on the bright and blue Saturday. That night, Lindsey and I saw saw Silver Linings Playbook at the State Theater. It stars Brad Cooper and Jen Lawrence, as a perfectly imperfect couple, and has a solid message and beautiful ending. At church today, I sat next to… Continue reading Silver Linings Weekend

This Past Week

This past week began with the shocking and sad news that Yogi Bear Rogers has cancer and won’t be with us too much longer. How long, we don’t exactly know because he’s such a big lovable brute. And I’m sure he will stand strong. In light of that news, I’ve dug up a vignette I… Continue reading This Past Week

The Crib is Up and Ready

Here’s me having almost completed construction of the crib. It was easy to put together, except for a few tight spots where I could only turn the alan wrench a couple of inches at a time. Here’s Lindsey looking beautiful and very happy to have the crib constructed and the nursery coming together.

PGA Tour 2013 Season

The PGA Tour’s 2013 season begins today in Hawaii. As golf nuts, we look forward to this day and the new season each year. With it comes another round of majors to watch on TV, including our favorite, the Masters in April. Here’s a picture of Dad and me at Kapalua, where this week’s opening… Continue reading PGA Tour 2013 Season

Crafting on the Cheap

I found this idea online recently. You send a high resolution picture to Staples, and have it printed as an engineering print. It’s cheap, not high quality, but you can get big (36″ by 24″) prints for less than eight dollars. Here’s a couple I had done, which we will hang in the basement. Pretty… Continue reading Crafting on the Cheap

My Childhood Pin Collection

I have a lot of random stuff, much of it in various collections I’ve accumulated over the years. Pezz dispensers, miniature flags, juggling paraphernalia, golf balls, keychains, t-shirts, putters, etc. Lindsey can attest to this. Since marrying me, she has spent hours patiently sitting and watching/helping me sift through and organize my stuff. What can… Continue reading My Childhood Pin Collection