Trip to See Baby Trygg

We zipped up to see cousin Jenni and Zach’s new baby, Trygg, who is about eight days old. We stayed with cousin Tim and Olivia and their nearly two year old daughter, Fiona. We didn’t do too much, but hit up some of our favorite spots – Getz’s clothing store, Donkers ice cream shop, Huron Mountain Bread Co for donuts, and Hardee’s for a hot ham ‘n cheese sandwich!

Trygg was adorable and the brand new parents were doing great. We had fun at their shower, and even got to ride the Rhino.






Harvey’s Baptism

Harvey Baptism July 2013On July 14, 2013, Harvey was baptized on a hot and sunny morning during church in the park by Pastor Chris Lane of the Central United Methodist Church of Traverse City. The following family and friends were in attendance: Grandma and Grandpa Rogers; Grandma and Grandpa Jonkhoff; Aunt Katy; Aunt Christy; Great Grandma Rogers; Great Grandma and Grandpa Lanham; Great Uncles and Aunts Jon and Barb Palomaki, Tom and Pam Lanham, and Doug and Kathy Gauthier; Cousin Zach; Eleanor King; Nadene Meyers; Lois McManus; and Joni Sternburg.

After the church ceremony, we all retreated to the Double Dogleg for brunch and then took turns touring East Bay on a pontoon boat. It was a perfect day filled with family, good food, and the celebration of Harvey’s baptism.

The Annual Rogers Cadotte Meet-up

Every year, for as long as I can remember back to when I was too young to remember, our close family friends, Ernie, Bonnie, Katie, and John Cadotte, have visited Traverse City for about six weeks in the summer. Ernie and dad were fraternity brothers at FIJI at Michigan State University and his family has a house on Old Mission Peninsula.

We meet up with them and the Wilsons each year – previously for putt-putt golf and pizza, bur more recently for poker, chip-dip, and beach-ball volleyball. We saw them on the Fourth of July this year, and had fun hanging around the campfire watching their neighbors light fireworks that rivals the big-boy ones down the bay.

Ernie has introduced beach-ball volleyball to us in the past couple years, which is far easier than actual volleyball. The beach ball ads an element of surprise to the game, as its flight is unpredictable. Plus, it brings in all ability levels and allows us to play in a smaller space.

Dinner with the Messerves


We grilled out and had a bonfire with one of Lindsey’s former professors, Dr. Lee Messerve and his wife, Marge. Lindsey used some spice rub on the grilled chicken that Katy gave her, and it was amazingly tasty. It was Marge’s first time having a s’more! They were up for the art festival taking place during the Cherry Festival (that’s like a festiveal^2) where she had a booth for her enamel work.