Weekend Update – Magnetic Sand Edition

A fun-filled weekend – now Sunday evening as I write this.

On Friday, we played at the Traverse City Country Club with Grandma and Grandpa Jonkhoff and C, B, M, and M, and painted pots. Harvey and I stayed later, and putted around. It’s fun to see him be interested in playing golf, although he can decide how much he likes it in the long run.

On Saturday, the boys and I had a lazy start, and then went to the RC Car shop to check on my miniature Hummer. It wasn’t done – not even started! The boys eyeballed the other RC cars and picked out their favorites. We escaped with only an antenna and battery.

In the evening, the boys and Lindsey drew an entire city in chalk on the driveway. Harvey drove his RC car around and parked in different spots.

On Sunday, we went with Grandma and Grandpa Rogers, K, T, L, and E and had lunch from Art’s Tavern at the playground and then went to Bohemian Beach. There was black sand sand at the beach, which we learned was magnetic in nature. This was proved later at home by Harvey and Carson in the garage with magnets. They’ve asked Uncle Brian for stronger magnets!

Lindsey and I watched two movies this weekend:

The week ahead – will Carson lose his loose tooth?! It will be the first on top to go.