Our Second Wedding Anniversary

Lindsey and I celebrated two wonderful years of marriage on June 25th, 2013. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since our “big day.” It seems like just yesterday that we were sorting through all of the details of the wedding planning – me a bit too involved!

The suggested gift for a second anniversary gift is cotton. Knowing better than to come home empty hanged, I found a pillow with a depiction of the Old Mission Lighthouse on it, which is near where I proposed.

We also attended a Brandi Carlile music concert at the Interlochen Arts Academy with mom, dad, and Katy. She played for over two hours, and was as good as ever.

Now, onto the third year!

Mom Retired Today

Congratulations on an long and successful teaching career spent inspiring and changing the lives of hundreds or thousands of kids. I was very lucky to have you as my 5th grade teacher, and I’ll never forget sitting in that room at Pathfinder. I wish you the best in retirement, and know that you’ll enjoy the extra time with Harvey teaching him love, happiness, and fun facts about Michigan!

My First Father’s Day


Each year, I get dad out for nine holes of golf early on the morning of Father’s Day. This year was special in that it was my first father’s day, dad’s first father’s day as a grandfather, and we had Harvey with us. Harvey was a good sport and made it all the way around in the cart while we played an enjoyable nine holes of golf.

Afterwards, we met up with Mom, Katy, and Taylor at Apache Trout Grill for an excellent brunch.

Because the “Rogers Father’s Day” was a week early due to mom and dad’s retirement trip to Disney World, I celebrated “Jonkhoff’s Father’s Day” the next weekend, as well. We had a great brunch at the Country Club and then headed out for some golf.


Bushwacking June 2013

I spent several hours earlier this summer clearing saplings and other overgrowth from the southeastern portion of our lot, which is located closed to East Shore Road. The area is low-lying and has been taken over by poison ivy. I can only imagine that it was once a nice looking portion of the property, but had become a dense unused space.

I started with a handheld saw and pruning shears. A bug-bite that sent me to the doctor, three bouts with poison ivy, and an achy back later, I’ve made some headway. It is much thinner from the side as you drive into and out of the Double Dogleg. However, I still need to improve the view from the living room down to the lake. That will take some additional work – and perhaps a crew to eliminate some of the larger, dead trees.

The next step is to either remove or chip the felled trees.