Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree 2015

We build Lincoln log towers and had Thanksgiving supper at the John and Nancy Fruit & Nut Farm and then capped the day with gingerbread house decorating at Grandma and Grandpa R’s. Harvey and Carson’s house won, “most creative.” Katy and Taylor took home the “decorating excellence” award for the second straight year.

On Friday, we found three perfect Christmas trees (for each of our respective houses) and then proceeded to decorate the whole house.

I went to the UM v OSU game on Saturday, and explored campus with Zack. It’s changing more and more, and the feeling of “it was just yesterday” is fading a bit.

Final Fall Rounds

I’m embracing the mantra, “Have fun golfing.” My last four rounds include a back-yard course, a tough man event, a round with dad, and six holes with hickories.

Dad and I skipped out last Wednesday for our annual nine holes, which is usually played on Father’s Day. The afternoon was the middle of a 70s-in-November stretch of perfect weather. The leaves were down and it was windy. If was a fun round, and we both agreed that we should play more often and add in Lindsey and the boys sometimes.

This afternoon, Dan and I played a half-dozen holes while Lindsey and Peg played with Harvey and Carson. It was cool and breezy, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky … and only two other golfers on the course. I had fun playing with the hickories and finished with a couple pars after figuring them out (again)! I’d like to play with them more often next year.

Here’s a link to the Nightmare on Union Street event from a couple weeks ago.

The 23 brave participants.