Ready Set Go

Two very stressful activities just happen to coincide for students – Christmas present shopping and final exams. The assumption is that we should put off shopping and focus on finals, but that’s kind of a Grinch thing to do. And, exams don’t really take that much time. However, it looks like I’ll be doing the […]

Update 2009: It cuts off.

Shows This Semester

The Queers (somewhere in Boston / Cambridge) – I enjoyed this show because it was, well, outside of my comfort zone. And, it made me functionally deaf for 48 hours. I’ve never heard an old man scream so loudly. Is it sacrilegious in a punk-rockish kind of way to say that about Joe Queer? Jenny Lewis […]

Update 2009: It cuts off.


Twitter is the “funnest” website I’ve found in months. It is an update service based entirely on the question, “What are you doing right now?” You can send updates via IM, text message, and of course from the web.

Oh, Twitter is what I use to update the homepage and the content on the top of the sidebar to the right. This is all working towards what I hope will be a virtual data feed of all my communication.
Let me know if you join!

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I sat in a Contracts review session from noon to 7pm and took 20 pages of notes.

Today, I sat in a Civil Procedure review session from 9am to 4:30pm and took 22 pages of notes.

I imagine that yesterday and today are what going to a conference would be like as an actual lawyer, except the conference would only be one shorter day and it would be followed by two days of skiing or golfing and a tax write-off.