Happy 8th Birthday, Carson

You are our beautiful, artistic, energetic, smart boy and we love you from head to toe. We look forward to all the adventures ahead for you this year, including travel soccer, skiing, 3rd grade (!), more travel memories (especially to somewhere warm, where you’d like to go), and everything else that will make this coming year fly by.

To celebrate your birthday this year, you had a few friends over and had fun in the yard. For your family birthday party, we met at The Filling Station and had pizza, mac n’ cheese, and, most impressively, Rainbow Cake from Carlo’s Bakery, which was a favorite of yours during our trip to NYC last December.

I’m making a note, because I want to remember, that you say, “Oh, my!” sometimes when you’re surprised or impressed. Maybe it will stick with you, but if not, now we’ll know. :o)