OneWord: Port, Pressed, Playground, Dense

Port: The port of call was 17. She was looking pretty and lean. In her white jeans and light blue tank with a butterfly on her breasts. I watched the world go ’round on her dark-lensed Ray-Bans – sailboat loaded by deckhands, speedboat misbehaving on sunken badlands, sun hanging over the white sands. Pressed: She… Continue reading OneWord: Port, Pressed, Playground, Dense

Applebottom, Alberta

The average annual snowfall for a small village just north of a long forgotten two-track in western Canada is just over 346 inches. This past summer, the road crew for the village went to the trouble of installing fans 20 feet in diameter along its three-block long main street. The intended effect of the fans… Continue reading Applebottom, Alberta


Today I am inspired by Walt Disney – “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. I am praying that Chris and I have the courage to pursue our dream of having a beautiful home where we can raise Yogi for now, and someday a family. I have always… Continue reading Dreams

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