Efficiency & Balance

Balance in life requires a certain efficiency. I strive to mosey through life excelling at what I choose to do while avoiding conflict and leaving a lasting impression on people. Finding ample time for family, friends, self, work, and play is a life-long journey. It is in the pursuit of excellence in each of those endeavors that I find myself constantly refining my inefficiencies. As I make progress, the puzzle pieces, which initially overlap as a stack, separate and lay flat to fill my day. There is a graceful flow from self to family to work to family and play to self. That is the general arc of the below-described routine. The caveat is that to expecting the puzzle pieces to fit perfectly, or to make a perfect fit the goal of my life, evidences two failures: 1) such a pursuit or goal would result in my settling for less than that of which I am capable and 2) such a pursuit or goal would evidence my failure to recognize that the overlap of one area with another can improve both – or another.