Dancing with the Stars!

Chris and I love DWTS….ok, I love DWTS and he watches it too :) We recently started taking dance lessons, and I LOVE IT! Learning each new step is hilarious and fun, and by far the best part is practicing at home, and having Yogi look at us, like….”what in the world are you two doing” :) Hopefully we will remember all of our steps on June 25th, but this has been a great experience, and I love being Chris’ partner and cannot wait to dance the night away with all of our family and friends!


Hi All!

Happy May! Just wanted to take a quick moment to blog about a few things…
1. Ever heard of simplyblueweddings? Check out their website…They are the ultimate Northern Michigan Wedding Resource! I am slightly obsessed and loved their website. We found our photographer on their vendor page and have borrowed several of their ideas from their almost daily blog updates. My favorite part of this website is the photos of bride and grooms with a cute love poem or quote as the caption…. I can’t wait to make some art like this for Chris and I’s home one day!
2. Gifts! Chris and I have been over joyed and over whelmed with the amount of love, support and gifts we have received already from friends and family! Thank you so much for everything! I can not begin to express how grateful we are :) A few of you have sent us money and we just wanted to thank you, and let you know we have started a “honeymoon fund”! We are going to leave on Sunday after the wedding, and will be heading to Marbella, Spain! I’m sure we will have a separate blog post about Spain, so stay tuned!
3. We love you and look forward to celebrating with you in less than two months!