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How To Edit Anything

Understand the history of the medium you are working in.

Understand the best work that has been produced in that medium.

Balance your work against that understanding.

Balance your work against the best of your work.

Continually revise that understanding.

from Clusterflock.

Funny Quotes From Boo

Book Weekley, one of the guys representing the U.S. in the Omega Mission Hills World Cup played in China November 22 – 25, is notorious for his quotes. Here’s a recent sample:

Q: Boo?
BOO WEEKLEY: I’m excited to go over there, and like Heath said, it’s an honor to represent your country. I wouldn’t have gone by myself, though; it’s not that I didn’t want to represent my country, but I ain’t into traveling, especially during hunting season.

Q: What season is it?

Q: It would be deer season if you were at home now?
BOO WEEKLEY: I would have gotten up at 4:30 in the morning, and I’d probably still be in the woods right now.

Q: You would be looking around and —
BOO WEEKLEY: I’d be up a tree, about 35, 40 feet.

On Looking Professional

Zack: You should cut your hair and trim your beard before you interview for an internship.
Me: I would definitely do that.

(I am a law student with shaggy hair and a beard. I don’t look like a lawyer should look. I’m aware of this. I just don’t care right now. When will I ever get a chance to carelessly grow a beard or have longer hair again? The fact that “I don’t know” is a possible answer to that question is reason enough for me to do it now – not later – not never.)

Transparency and Blogging

This is my website. If you don’t want to hire me for this transparency, maybe I don’t want to work for you. If you don’t want to date me for this exposure, maybe I don’t want to date you. And if you can’t handle this, there are millions of other sites you should probably be reading. Because anonymous just isn’t for me – I want you to know me and accept me and to support me. If not, find something else to read. (link)

Great post. I’ve never written anonymously. Or posted videos or pictures that way. It doens’t seem worth it to hide my content. Why not share it with the public?

Knox seems to be going a step further in saying that he won’t censor himself. That is a harder and more dangerous goal. People have expectations. An employer will care about it’s employees’ images. A prospective significant other will care how, and if, they are viewed.

He just doesn’t care what they think.

Transparency is a bold goal. It’s ironic – but true – that being a truer version of one’s self (online) can be a life-limiting move.

It’s difficult for me to take a side on this concept of total transparency versus censored disclosure. I practice the later because I hope to have a career and don’t want to be disowned by my girlfriend and family. I’ve made the mistake of sharing the wrong content. It’s annoying and whatever value total transparency held wasn’t worth it.

Good luck with it, though, to anyone who attempts a transparent “blog.”

(I’m not sure there is a transparency gradient. At first I thought of using “opacity,” but what I intend to post isn’t deliberately not transparent. It’s not cloudy. I practice selective transparency, which contradicts the intended goal as well. Hmmm…)

Looking Outside

On the curbless corner of Lilac and Jupiter streets was a maple tree with ruby red leaves. Leslie looked at the tree through a bleeding-glass second-floor window of an old white farm house. Her bedroom smelled of chap-stick and printer ink. The radiators quacked while her feet searched for her slippers that lay somewhere underneath a desk of solid oak. Her elbows ached and her head felt like a bowling ball.

For a few seconds there was a man wearing a yellow parka walking a black labrador retriever in Leslie’s view. She mused whether all things in life would feel so fleeting.

Leslie sat up straight, clasped her hands together and took a deep breath. She wanted to write, but nothing was coming. The TV was calling. Her phone had unanswered voicemails. The kitchen needed to be cleaned. There were indefinite distractions queued and waiting for her attention. But, she couldn’t bring herself to focus on any one thing except the vision of that yellow man with the black dog walking by the red tree. The colors of fall. If the temperature was colder maybe the image would have frozen in the pane of glass she looked through.

There was a knock at the door. Leslie jumped. Her back shuddered and she blinked hard.

Racquet Club

Andy walked along the sidewalk downtown. The streetlamps shined a muted yellow light on his path. The overflow of smoke, music and people from the Racquet Pub ahead was an obstacle in his mind. He was out in the darkness for the silence. For the solitude. As Andy approached the Pub the smell of being social filled his lungs. He breathed shallow and looked down and away. A big truck drove by. It sounded like a Harley motorcycle. The music from the Pub was louder now. His steps lengthened, two to a section of sidewalk.

(11:12p – 11:22p)

The PGA Tour Season Is Cooked

The 2007 PGA Tour season is cooked. Done. Finis. The Fall Series has finally limped to a close and the top 125 spots are set. You would have had to win at least $785,180 to make keep your card. Even more impressive, ninety-nine players made over $1,000,000 this season. I don’t know what the expenses are, but even after taxes, travel and caddy expenses, they’re making a good living. (Their job is golf – I would kill for that.)

Stephen Ames won at Disney yesterday. He seems like the kind of guy who should win “Disney.” Nice, big smile – really big smile.

So, what now?

I suggest you take some time away from the boob-tube and play some real golf. If it’s too damn cold out, here’s the Silly Season line-up:

ADT Skills Challenge – Played on November 5 -6, but not aired until December 29 -30. This is like The Golf Channel’s Big Break with PGA Tour pros.

Why I’ll watch: Greg Norman is slated to play.

Wendy’s 3 Tour Challenge – November 12 – 13. I’d like to see more tournaments that pit the three major U.S. professional golf tours – PGA, SPGA, LPGA – against one another. Or some combination thereof. It’s fun to see the strengths and weaknesses of the women vs seniors vs men.

Why I’ll watch: Cool to see the three tours playing on one course.

OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup – November 22 – 25. This isn’t so silly, but it’s not that big of a draw for players. Boo Weekley, who would rather be hunting, and Heath Slocum will represent the U.S.

Why I’ll watch: The event is being played in China.

LG Skins Game – November 24 -25. This is the grand daddy of all the off season. It’s like the off season major, but it means absolutely nothing, except maybe to Freddy Couples who dominates this event year after year.

Why I’ll watch: Couples is playing. Again.

Merrill Lynch Shootout – December 7 – 9. Greg Norman hosts as player-pairs vie for silly season glory in three rounds of alternate shot, better-ball, and scramble play.

Why I’ll watch: Good field and fun format to watch.

Target World Challenge – December 13 – 16. This is Tiger’s tournament and it will be his first appearance after his longest break as a professional. The purse is $5.75M for a invitational field of eighteen.

Why I’ll watch: Tiger Woods will be playing.

Go Blue: UM vs MSU Football

I went to the UM v. MSU football game in East Lansing this weekend. Michigan beat a tough and determined Spartan team, 28-24.

The patrons in front of me were true heathens. They were loud, obnoxious, and, well, they attacked me. They did not like that I was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt and shouting, “Go Blue,” in between chants of, “Go White” and “Go Green.” Nonetheless, I persisted with the fight song during touchdowns and clapping for Michigan. I wouldn’t have been so annoying had there been more Michigan fans in my area.

When UM scored it’s winning touchdown the TV camera was on me. I was on the scoreboard. I unzipped my jacket and held up the “Michigan” on my sweatshirt in front of the camera to show the stadium, at which point the large man in front of me with no sideburns and only slightly more intelligence grabbed the front of my sweatshirt. He assaulted me. Like I can’t celebrate.

The game was close, which is what I wanted. That’s always more exciting. Mallet, UM’s freshman quarterback, did an awesome job fumbling on the only play he played. And Hart did a more awesome job recovering the fumble for a first down. That’s the kind of stuff that happens when you win against a good team.

Go Blue.

… which reminds me… it was pointed out to me several times that there is no response to, “Go Blue.” If someone says it to you in passing, the only logical response is “Go Blue.” Saying, “Go Maize,” doesn’t really role off the tongue.