Round Notes

Monday Night League – May 18, 2010:

  1. Good drive (unpredictable though). Poor wedge shot from 50 yards… left it short… perhaps ditch the lob wedge and focus on the sand wedge or restrict use.
  2. Decent tee shot, but too much hook. Need to tone down curvature of ball flight (some). Also, as noted later, becoming too dependent on a strong draw as my safety shot. Perhaps a result of playing the Club so much. Determine a way to keep game varied.
  3. Bad miss far right with driver (almost on 15 fairway). Swung too hard and possible poor setup. Was intending to hit a fade off of the large trees on the left. Considering rethinking strategy for that tee shot. On the recovery, I neglected to consider the root that my punch 2 iron hit. Mental error, which led to bogey.
  4. Decent drive, but lost it too far right. Wedge approach from 100 yards off of sandy lie flew 15 to 20 yards long. Was amped up at this point because of something playing partners did. Also, swung too hard and thinned it. Full sand wedge probably travels further than 100. Again, need to work on this.
  5. Great drive, but out of character and not in game plan. Risk, if drive not great, too high. Hit 2 iron next time. Over-clubbed on approach. Punch 9 iron from 134 from pin flew 144 into back bunker… a combination of swinging too hard and pulling it slightly. Should have recognized that it was best to miss below the pin and gone with an easy wedge. Good to err short, especially with that pin. Need to avoid short siding myself.
  6. Bad miss right with driver, up on 12 fairway. Lie was fine, but very difficult shot back to hole. Recovered well with two strong draws (big surprise). Two putt par, but had to work too hard for it.
  7. Too much club again into this hole. For a time, I was coming up short on this par 3. Congrats on going for it, but my short game was not able to save my mis-clubbing. Poor pitches up the hill cost dearly. Need to hit harder. Again, reliance on the strong draw cost me. Tends to hit hard.
  8. Lost drive right. Came over top this time… as opposed to the others which were push-cuts. Out of game plan on this hole… should have hit 2 iron.
  9. Hit a straight drive that felt like I was going to lose it right. Out of game plan… should be hitting 2 iron. Poor pitch from just short of the green to about 20 feet.

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