Two Words: Flower. Overload.

I need to interject a man post between the sudden bloom … ahem … explosion of flower posts that seem to have appeared on our wedding blog. The only problem is that I don’t have much man stuff to report about. Lindsey has been on top of planning this weekend’s dual-family cake testing event, which should prove to be one of the highlights of the wedding planning process. We’re trying a couple of local wedding cake bakers to see how they compare. I know very little about the details, but assume they’re both capable of incorporating pyrotechnics and animatronic golfers into the cake design. And if not, then we’ll have to look elsewhere. Only kidding, of course, but it is fun to dream about what to do – especially, when there’s a slight golf theme to the wedding as there is to ours.

In other news, which I’m surprised isn’t up here yet, Lindsey’s bridal fashion photograph appeared in this past week’s Northern Express. It even mentions my name! But she’s the beautiful bride-to-be.

I can’t imagine a better run-up to a wedding. Time-wise, we’re at the halfway point of the planning. However, we’re more than halfway done with the planning… or so we think. I’m sure it will get frantic when the “Big Day” looms.

It might be awhile before you hear from me again, as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and most of my excess mental capacity will be spent trying to top my gift from last year. (Lindsey, that’s a softball lob to you to write a Valentine’s Day post!)

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