Warm and Foggy Weekend

We went to our first PathFUNDER tonight with Christopher Walter and Christy. The theme of the event was “an evening in the woods,” and it was executed wonderfully. There were birch tree artifacts everywhere, and, with permission, Lindsey absconded with a centerpiece! It was great to see former teachers and other familiar faces.


Church was interesting this morning. The children’s message was about maintaining balance in life. And the sermon reiterated that notion, and gave us the following acronym as a means of checking our balance.

SWEEPP. Sleep. Work. Eating. Exercise. Play. Prayer. If we are conscious of maintaining balance within and among those areas in life, then we should be doing okay!

After lunch at the Town Plaza with Dan and Peg, we went up to their house to meet Christy and pick up the baby stroller. Here’s a pick of us learning how to push it!


And another picture with the car seat in place.