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Poking Fun at Alpha Parents

Here is an excerpt from an articled titled, “Why You’re Never Failing as a Mother,” from the website/blog Pregnant Chicken.

You are in the trenches when you have a baby. To the untrained eye it seems pretty straightforward and easy – you feed them, you bathe them, you pick them up when they cry – but it’s more than that. It’s perpetual motion with a generous layer of guilt and self-doubt spread on top, and that takes its toll.

Feeling like you also need to keep on top of scrapbooking, weight loss, up-cycled onesies, handprints, crock pot meals, car seat recalls, sleeping patterns, poo consistency, pro-biotic supplements, swimming lessons, electromagnetic fields in your home and television exposure, is like trying to knit on a rollercoaster – it’s [omitted swearword] hard.

We live in a time when we can [G]oogle everything, share ideas, and expose our children to amazing opportunities, but anyone that implies that they have it figured out is either drunk or lying (or both) so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Your job is to provide your child with food, shelter, encouragement and love, and that doesn’t have to be solely provided by you either – feel free to outsource because they didn’t just pull that “it takes a village” proverb out of the air.

In a similar tone, I’ll point you to a recent poem I read in the New Yorker magazine titled, “Goodnight Nanny-Cam,” which is parody of the book, Goodnight Moon.

Movie Review: Life As We Know It

Lindsey and I saw Life As We Know It last night, which stars Katherine Heigle and Josh Duhamel.

The basic plot is: married couple living a dream life dies suddenly leaving newborn baby. The couple had planned for their close friends (played by Heigle and Duhamel) to be named the guardians of the baby. The twist is that the close friends, while close to the deceased couple, and in a way to each other, couldn’t stand each other – fought like cats and dogs. Sadness, reality and hilarity ensue as the close friends try to sort things out with their new responsibility – and figure out how to live with one another.

The movie was slightly over-length, which may account for the bad reviews by critics, but heartwarming nonetheless. We would definitely recommend it!

More importantly, we skipped all movie snacks! Yikes! … because we had just eaten Moomers ice cream.