Gary Player Loves to Workout

Congratulations to Gary Player for breaking 80 today. He was proud of it and said he would be coming back to play next year because of it. I guess that means we won’t see the trifecta of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary as the honorary starters for at least another year.

Why is Gary able to keep playing after all of these years? Well, he will explain ad nauseum that it’s because he’s been working out for 63 years.

Gary Player never stops talking about working out. For every question he’s asked, his answer somehow ends up relating back to how he loves working out. He never stops talking about it.

Here are some possible questions and Gary’s likely answers:

Q: Gary, what do you think of the economy?
Gary: Well, I’d just like to say that I’ve been working out for 63 years. The economy is in bad shape because not enough young people are working out.

Q: Gary, why is the sky blue?
Gary: Well, I’d just like to say that I love a good work out under a blue sky. Nothing better.

Q: Gary, how is your golf course design business going?
Gary: Well, it’s working out great because I work out.

Cut Day at The Masters

How the cut works:

The field is cut to the low 44 and ties. Anyone within ten shots of the leader gets to play the weekend, too.

Projected Cut

The cut should fall at +3 or +4. Unless something really funky happens, then the ten-shot rule won’t come into play. There are currently ten players tied for 42nd at +3.

Player Projections

My not-so-early prediction is that Trevor Immelman’s eight under par will hold-up through the end of the day. Phil Mickelson is three under through 13 holes, but is still four back of Immelman. Tiger birdied his first hole, which bodes well for his round. Yesterday his play was boring consistent. He needs to make a move to position himself for the weekend.

Defending champion Zach Johnson is even par through two holes and two under for the tournament. Looks like he’ll make the cut unless he implodes this afternoon.

Tiger’s Threat

Tiger Woods made the following comment during the final round of the CA Championship last weekend when a photographer took a shot in his backswing:

The next time a photographer shoots a f****** picture on my backswing I’m going to break his f****** neck.

He apologized for the threat, but not the language. That sounds about right. I don’t have an issue with cussing, especially when playing a competitive sport. It’s just not a big deal. I’ve never sat courtside at a professional basketball game or stood on the sideline of a football game, but I would imagine language can get a little uncouth.

Golf being tagged as a “Gentleman’s Game” is a blessing and a curse. On one hand the visual is anything but that of what you would imagine fierce competition to look like. There’s a bunch of men in khaki pants and tucked-in shirts that can’t even carry their own bags a few miles. On the other hand, there is no other sport that demands so much of a player and, more importantly, fans and media.

There is a huge burden to shoulder as a golf fan. You have to be conscious of when and where you move at all times. Especially, if you are a photographer inside the ropes late on Sunday.

The photographer failed last Sunday and Tiger didn’t handle it well.

On Looking Professional

Zack: You should cut your hair and trim your beard before you interview for an internship.
Me: I would definitely do that.

(I am a law student with shaggy hair and a beard. I don’t look like a lawyer should look. I’m aware of this. I just don’t care right now. When will I ever get a chance to carelessly grow a beard or have longer hair again? The fact that “I don’t know” is a possible answer to that question is reason enough for me to do it now – not later – not never.)