Regarding My Email Habits

Me: i like having zero messages in my inbox… iphone doesn’t allow for that… always has 25, 50, or more. even if you delete it just loads more.
Russ: 0 in your inbox?
Russ: how can you have no mesages in your inbox?
Me: i always keep my inbox at zero
Russ: yeah i know you do
Russ: but it’s not healthy when these things don’t even physically exist
Russ: you’ve created some new form of anal retentive disorder

Conversation: Renew Yourself

So, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Portsmouth – the one I usually sit at – and this man and woman are sitting next to me talking over cups of coffee. She has a travel cup, probably because they’re on a first date and she thought, I can bolt if I don’t like the guy. He’s got a mug, so he isn’t going anywhere fast. What’s worse is that his hair is longer than hers.

“You’re always renewing yourself,” he says.

“Artists always look at what’s new within your self. They have an enormous curiosity,” she says.

“That’s the true mortality of life right there.”

“It’s like living in a South Park community.”

[The guy just forgot the name of Seinfeld.]

Sigh… they’re still going, but I need to read.